Thursday, November 18th, 2010

ChristinaMadridHTBlogPhoto“Trying out the Acu-Touch 9500/ HT-Connect for the past month has been fantastic! I love the different auto programs offered, especially Rejuvenate by Wellness Council member Jeff Galloway. Rejuvenate delivers targeted relief from muscle soreness, while greatly reducing stress.  I’ve sampled every single auto program and really like the fact that there is a program for everything, from posture to relaxation to performance. There is a program on this chair for everyone from the professional athlete to the yoga enthusiast to those that are suffering from bad posture. I’m also a big fan of the heat feature, which truly adds to the therapeutic benefits of this chair. Using the Acu-Touch is the highlight of my day; its like getting a professional massage, except you can customize it exactly to your liking.”

-Christina Madrid

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  1. The Acu-Touch 9500/ HT is interesting, Have a good day with great massage chairs.