Monday, November 29th, 2010

Life-long Pro Surfer Uses HT-7450 Before and After Surfing to Improve Overall Wellness

Long Beach, Calif. – November 29, 2010 Human Touch®, the U.S. market leader of innovative massage chairs, and other wellness solutions, today announced that long-time surf icon Corky Carroll uses the Human Touch© AcuTouch™ 7450 Zero-Gravity massage chair before and after surfing to improve overall wellness and eliminate aches, pains and small injuries associated with surfing.

“The hardest part about surfing every day when you’re over 60 is the aches and pains related with an active lifestyle,” Carroll said.  “I’ve always been a firm believer in massage therapy and it’s really amazing to see how using a Human Touch© Massage Chair in my own home has taken away many of my previous complaints about muscle soreness and back pain.”

Carroll is considered a pioneer in sport by becoming the first professional surfer, as well as the first to receive endorsements. He won more than 100 surfing competitions including five overall United States Championships, three International Professional Championships, one International Big Wave Championship, and one World Small Wave Championship. He was named “Best Surfer in the World” in a Surfer Magazine reader’s poll in 1968. He retired from competition at the young age of 24. He continues to surf every day.

Here are some of Carroll’s secrets to Wellness: “We call my massage chair the ‘Chairway to Heaven.’  It has improved my overall well-being drastically.  I feel better, and I am more agile and energetic.  Feeling better has also inspired me to lose 30 pounds, so I surf better and longer during each surfing session.  The end result is I am happier, and me being happy makes my wife happy.  And we all know a happy wife is a happy life.”

Carroll also had this advice to share on how to stay active and healthy:  “I think you have to find an activity you really like and commit as much time as possible to it.  If you are doing things you love to do, you are more stimulated both mentally and physically. That results in better health overall.”

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