Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

“The Heaven and Earth Standing”

Our very own, Dr. Hoon C. Kim, of the Tao of Medicine in Santa Monica, shares techniques and tips for Qigong ~ a practice of alternative medicine, which can have positive and healing effects for various ailments:

“The heaven and earth standing is the kind of zhan-zhuang-gong and one of the oldest Qigong exercises, later it became very popular and was used in martial art schools.  Zhan-zhuang-gong is the name for all of the stationary Qigong exercises, also known as standing like a tree or tree hugging.  It has been mentioned in the ancient medical text, huangdi neijing – yellow emperor’s inner cannon:

‘Ancient masters breathe the universal energy, and standing alone and keep the spirit inside and live like the nature.’”

Tao of Medicine

Tao of Medicine

No side effects. Simple, Clear and Easy

Anyone can learn and experience the health benefits of Qigong and people with health issues like post-stroke paralysis, hypertension, diabetes, atopic dermatitis, angina pectoris, arrhythmia, cardiovascular disease, hepatitis, arthritis, herniated disc, frozen shoulder, ADHD, depression, and anxiety can feel much better and relieve their symptoms.


Place the feet shoulder-width apart.  Straighten your whole back, and pull your chin a little inward, which makes you feel as if the whole spine is stretched and elongated.  Next, bend your knees slightly – as you practice more, you will be able to bend more and lower your body more, and you feel the vertex of your head and the tip of tail bone on the same straight line. Feeling your coccyx heavy and moving downward.

Either closing your eyes or opening them is OK, however at the beginning for better concentration, close your eyes.


Practice Qigong 1-2 times daily ~  morning and after sunset or in the evening.

Start 20 minutes and increase your time, or you can do 15 minutes and take a 1-2 min break and start another 15min routine.  When you break, walk around, do not just sit down.


At first, try to relax any tension area such as your face, neck, shoulder and abdomen, until you really feel calm.

Feel your body as a whole, starting from concentrating your facing hands.

You will feel the warmth, electric sensation, heaviness or like a pulling magnet force and so on, which is called de qi – getting the qi.  I have also felt some of the same feelings from Qigong  through Human Touch  Zero Gravity Perfect Chairs. Human Touch NASA-inspired Zero-Gravity chairs position cradle the spine in a stress-free posture and elevates the legs above the heart, improving circulation, relaxing tense back muscles and expanding lung capacity for increased oxygen intake.  I recommend finding a dealer near you to try a massage for free and consider having a Human Touch chair in your home as you practice and perfect the art of Qigong.


Effortlessly inhale and exhale through your nose – there are different levels of breathing techniques, and I’d rather have the beginners try the comfortable way of breathing this time.

In upcoming blog posts you will  have the chance to study more of the breathing technique with me.  Please check back soon.

Dr. Hoon C. Kim

Dr Kim

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