Friday, December 31st, 2010

dreamstime_4656413Human Touch would like to wish everyone a very healthy and happy year!  We would also like to re-cap a few tips shared in 2010 from our helpful and very healthy Wellness Council members:

Julie Chertow recommended “How aromatherapy and massage can step up womens’ fitness routines.”

Dr. James Rouse, ND talked about “toxic emotions” and how writing in your journal consecutively can help your immune system profoundly: “Open and Let Breathe.”

Dr. Hoon C. Kim spoke to  us about the importance of drinking enough water everyday to transport nutrients through our bloodstream to fight dehydration, disease and regulate body temperature “Do You Drink Enough Water?

Jaime Tam shared with us the art of expressive yoga with “Yoga Off the Mat.”

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We will see you in 2011 with more tips, resources and stories from our Wellness Council members.  Thank you to all who have contributed this year to help Human Touch®  make people Feel Better Everywhere!™

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