Thursday, January 06th, 2011

cc cutback march 2010

By Corky Caroll

I am getting old.  Faster by the day too, it’s very wrong and unkind.  But the good thing is that at the ripening banana peel age of 63, I am still surfing two to six hours every day.  This enormous amount of exercise should keep me in good shape, you would think.  But the problem is that my body has grown so used to it that if I eat one tiny little thing wrong, like a bag of chips, I gain 478 pounds.  So I have to either surf MORE or eat really well.  Sometimes I force myself to stay in the water an extra twenty minutes just so I can have a bowl of ice cream after dinner.  When I was 20 years-old, I could eat a gallon of ice cream every night and not gain one ounce.

Putting in so much time in the water takes its toll on me.  I need to have a massage everyday to keep myself from getting as stiff as a corpse.  Or being one.  Thanks to my Human Touch®  massage chair, which I lovingly call the “Chairway to Heaven,” I can control the amount of massage I get without having to hire sixteen massage therapists to walk all over my body twice a day.  The chair is amazing.  My normal deal is to do fifteen minutes in the chair to get ready to go surfing and then another fifteen minutes after surfing.  Sometimes I will do a third session just before bed; it gets me in that warm fuzzy kind of mood.  My wife loves it too; I never have to beg her for a massage anymore.  If I get that “Ahhh, I am achy and sore” look about me, she just points at the Chairway to Heaven.  It’s a wonderful thing.

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