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Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Happy New Year!

I trust that you are excited, inspired and fully engaged in making 2011 your best year yet! Hopefully your Holidays were peaceful, inspiring and rejuvenating for you and your loved ones. Our Colorado Christmas was lovely with snow and family. Games, good food, afternoon naps and sledding with our kids and dogs made for warmth inside and out-we are so very blessed.

As you prepare to launch into 2011 let’s all make a commitment to living and expressing ourselves this year better than ever before-you are creative, powerful and ready to live like you mean it!

Please consider these questions:

• What are you most passionate about?

• What are your greatest strengths?

• When do you feel most alive and inspired?

• How do or can you inspire others with your gifts and talents?

• How would you express your life, your gifts and talents if you were not afraid?

Let’s decide together to live this year like we mean it-fully ready to embrace every part of ourselves with love and unconditional acceptance! You are as  great, powerful, creative and loving as you decide to be! This year we will co- conspire and create the life that we imagine-we will share ideas and success stories about our wellness journey.

As you work on your wellness journey, I would like you to consider finding ways to take care of yourself every day.  With the help of massage, you can smooth away tension and stress in your home with a Human Touch massage chair.  These chairs have been so good to me and I like the way they help people to take time out to do nothing else – no computers, no cell phones, no TV – it’s such a smart investment for life-long health.  Stop by and try out a Human Touch massage chair to get a complimentary 15-minute massage.  Check for a local dealer here.  Tell me what you think!

Now please respond to this post and share with me your goals, challenges and dreams and let’s build together a community of support, inspiration, vision, action and love!


With peace and positivity, James

Optimum Wellness