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Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Hello! Julie2

It is time once again to get our bodies and homes in shape for the coming cold and flu season. Revving up our immune system and keeping our homes “germ-free” are the orders of the day in order to fully immerse ourselves in wellness. I myself have not had one cold or flu in 14 years. I give full credit to diffusing the Young Living Oils Thieves™ blend in my home’s cold air diffuser every day. Also, how about the countertops in the kitchen and bathroom – a virtual breeding ground for germs! Not with Thieves™ Household Cleaner, Thieves™ Waterless Hand Purifier and Thieves™ Spray. The Thieves™ Household Cleaner is by far the greatest house cleaner I have personally ever used. And it has NO chemicals in it at all! It’s great for cleaning school desks in classrooms which is another big breeding ground for bacteria.

Thieves Waterless Hand PurifierThieves Household CleanerThieves Spray

Carry the hand cleaner or spray with you in your purse for door knobs, handles, grocery cart handles, toilet sets and any other surface hundreds of people may have touched with who knows what. Don’t leave home without your Thieves Spray! At the very onset of a tickle in my throat, I have found that a spray of my Thieves™ Spray every 15 minutes for an hour will literally turn a sore throat around and leave without a trace. A sore throat is a beginning to a long drawn out full head and chest cold. If you can turn it around at the onset of the tickle in your throat, you are home free!!

We have so many mutated viruses running rampant these days that antibiotics are not able to fix anything. There are numerous studies and testing of pure therapeutic grade essential oils showing the anti microbial power to kill off and transmute these awful viruses and bacteria.

Young Living also has an amazingly powerful blend of oils in a capsule form to take internally. It’s called Inner Defense™

Young Living Inner Defense

I take one a day for maintenance and to keep my immune system strong and if need be, take 2-4 a day if I start getting symptoms. It literally turns an onset around as well as the Thieves spray. At the end of my day, I will often sit in my Human Touch™ Massage Chair with my diffuser of Thieves™ Oil going right next to me. A perfect combination for wellness and relaxation!

Keep warm and healthy in these winter months!

Julie Chertow


Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Recently Human Touch partnered up with Smart & Trendy Moms on a giveaway for our foot and calf massagers!  This is what one lucky winner had to say:

“I just got the massager today, and it was quite soothing. The gentle kneading felt almost like my husband’s hands; what an after-work comfort!


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Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Happy New Year!

I trust that you are excited, inspired and fully engaged in making 2011 your best year yet! Hopefully your Holidays were peaceful, inspiring and rejuvenating for you and your loved ones. Our Colorado Christmas was lovely with snow and family. Games, good food, afternoon naps and sledding with our kids and dogs made for warmth inside and out-we are so very blessed.

As you prepare to launch into 2011 let’s all make a commitment to living and expressing ourselves this year better than ever before-you are creative, powerful and ready to live like you mean it!

Please consider these questions:

• What are you most passionate about?

• What are your greatest strengths?

• When do you feel most alive and inspired?

• How do or can you inspire others with your gifts and talents?

• How would you express your life, your gifts and talents if you were not afraid?

Let’s decide together to live this year like we mean it-fully ready to embrace every part of ourselves with love and unconditional acceptance! You are as  great, powerful, creative and loving as you decide to be! This year we will co- conspire and create the life that we imagine-we will share ideas and success stories about our wellness journey.

As you work on your wellness journey, I would like you to consider finding ways to take care of yourself every day.  With the help of massage, you can smooth away tension and stress in your home with a Human Touch massage chair.  These chairs have been so good to me and I like the way they help people to take time out to do nothing else – no computers, no cell phones, no TV – it’s such a smart investment for life-long health.  Stop by and try out a Human Touch massage chair to get a complimentary 15-minute massage.  Check for a local dealer here.  Tell me what you think!

Now please respond to this post and share with me your goals, challenges and dreams and let’s build together a community of support, inspiration, vision, action and love!


With peace and positivity, James

Optimum Wellness

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

AcuTouch™ 9500 Captivated CES Reporters, Bloggers and Analysts

Long Beach, CA – January 11, 2011 – Human Touch®, the U.S. market leader of innovative massage chairs and other wellness solutions, simply wowed the media on January 5 at the “Digital Experience!”. Over 1,000 analysts and members of the press attended the “Digital Experience!”, the most important media event during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Many reporters, bloggers and analysts took the time to wait in line for a five-minute demonstration before hitting the CES floor the next day. Erik Malinowski from WIRED talked about his “moment of temporary bliss” while trying out the chair, and Gizmag’s Darren Quick shared a great story about the “comforting embrace” of the AcuTouch™ 9500 with HT-Connect™.

Human Touch® showcased the AcuTouch™ 9500 at Caesar’s Palace. And while this year’s CES predominantly displayed a variety of tablets, Human Touch® turned many heads with its creative use of HT Connect, the iPhone and iPad app that delivers a more targeted and personalized wellness experience.   Sharon Vaknin from, Veronica Belmont from Tekzilla, and Will Smith from Tested were among the number of correspondents that covered AcuTouch™ 9500 in their CES reports, and left the Human Touch® display amazed with the range of functions this massage chair can offer.

The biggest hit was the chair’s Acupoint® Detection System that presented guests with a range of customizable options. Director of Marketing, Andrew Corkill, Vice President of Design, David Potter and Channel Marketing Manager, Victoria Lladoc demonstrated to the guests how the system scans the entire length of the back, mapping key pressure points for the ultimate massage experience.

About Human Touch®
In pushing the boundaries of its traditional massage chairs and wellness products through advanced proprietary technology and innovation, Human Touch® is focused on infusing health and wellness into everyday lives through high-quality, design-oriented and award-winning massage chairs, Zero-Gravity Perfect Chair® Recliners and other wellness products and solutions. Human Touch® has been making people feel better™ for more than 30 years by developing state-of-the-art massage and wellness products, as well as by providing valuable consumer education about the substantial health and wellness benefits of regular massage therapy,

relaxation and proper posture. Stress relief, increased range of motion, pain relief, improved circulation and increased immunity are just some of the valuable health benefits associated with regular massage therapy. Human Touch® products are available at back care specialty stores, fine furniture stores across the country, through international retailers and distributors in more than 40 countries, as well as online at


Colleen Rugg

Account Supervisor

BERKMAN for Human Touch®

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Thursday, January 06th, 2011

cc cutback march 2010

By Corky Caroll

I am getting old.  Faster by the day too, it’s very wrong and unkind.  But the good thing is that at the ripening banana peel age of 63, I am still surfing two to six hours every day.  This enormous amount of exercise should keep me in good shape, you would think.  But the problem is that my body has grown so used to it that if I eat one tiny little thing wrong, like a bag of chips, I gain 478 pounds.  So I have to either surf MORE or eat really well.  Sometimes I force myself to stay in the water an extra twenty minutes just so I can have a bowl of ice cream after dinner.  When I was 20 years-old, I could eat a gallon of ice cream every night and not gain one ounce.

Putting in so much time in the water takes its toll on me.  I need to have a massage everyday to keep myself from getting as stiff as a corpse.  Or being one.  Thanks to my Human Touch®  massage chair, which I lovingly call the “Chairway to Heaven,” I can control the amount of massage I get without having to hire sixteen massage therapists to walk all over my body twice a day.  The chair is amazing.  My normal deal is to do fifteen minutes in the chair to get ready to go surfing and then another fifteen minutes after surfing.  Sometimes I will do a third session just before bed; it gets me in that warm fuzzy kind of mood.  My wife loves it too; I never have to beg her for a massage anymore.  If I get that “Ahhh, I am achy and sore” look about me, she just points at the Chairway to Heaven.  It’s a wonderful thing.