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Friday, February 25th, 2011

Laurie loves the HT-5320!

Recently, Laurie J. had tried our HT-5320 chair in hopes of relieving some discomfort in her back. Here is what she had to say:

“I wanted to write to your company and let you know that your massage chair is the best thing I have ever come across.  About two months ago, I hurt my back from sneezing. My back was in so much pain when I tried to talk around that I had to ask my husband to help hold my back, since it could not support its own weight. The second day, I didn’t want to depend on my husband so I had to crawl when I needed something.

The third day I was finally able to hold things to get around but it was very painful. I finally went to the doctor and they told me that I slipped a disc in my back and it would take time to heal. I am a very active person. I take care of not only children but also horses, and foster somekids as well. I was not able to rest my back for very long, so I have not had much relief from the pain. Until I tried your chair this past Saturday, I could not even tie my shoes without having a lot of pain. I could not pick up anything from the floor. After 10 minutes in your massage chair, I was amazed and in tears. I looked at my husband and showed him that I could touch the floor. The salesman that helped me, Don Peterson, asked me to come back before he left the Costco club. I came back on Wednesday to try the stretch program.  Again, this chair provided amazing results. The pain relief and the healing I have received is priceless. I will be buying this chair as soon as my bedroom is remodeled. My husband and I discussed it, and this chair will save me so much in the way of chiropractic expenses. I really wanted to thank you for helping alleviate the pain I was having. Please know that Don Peterson is the best!!”

Thank you so much Laurie for all your kind words. We are glad that our chair aided in the relief you needed. We look forward to hearing more about your progress!


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