Thursday, March 03rd, 2011

Sound Therapy Enhances Sleep! See How this Weekend

Sound therapy has been proven to enhance sleep, relaxation, physical healing and emotional trauma release and healing, creativity, insight and problem-solving, memory/learning, peak performance and states highly effective for meditation. It has shown the ability to trigger profound improvements in blood pressure, stress-handling ability, immune response, pain removal and feelings of well being.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. will be sharing how balancing, enhancing and strengthening our brains and lives is important, in fact, imperative that we take conscious care of our brains and total inner body, not just the exterior. Pollutants, toxins, mineral-less and irradiated foods, and fast-paced living, to which we are all exposed, are prods for us to take action – to take better care of ourselves, our families, society and our planet. Sound used scientifically is a great way to do this.  It is the most or at least among the most pleasant, non-invasive, active-passive ways to heal and to grow personally, especially when experienced on any of the models from the Human Touch® Perfect Chair line, which we use as part of our Sound Journey Chair Delivery System.  The experience and use is awesome!

If you would like to learn more, come to a seminar this weekend, March 5-6, 2011 at the Center for Neuroacoustic Research and try out a new wellness solution – the Human Touch® Perfect Chair.

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See you then!

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