Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Sacred Dance can be so much more than just a good, deep sweat. When I first embraced the nature of ethnic dance, I was drawn to the strong sense of multicultural celebration. I recognized how I could use movement as a plane ticket to learn about other cultures, other ways of life. It became a full on expression of celebration for me and then I discovered the potential to move through my own limitations, restrictions and boundaries as I progressed as a dancer.

After incurring many injuries as an athlete all my life, I began to utilize dance as a healing force to mend old wounds–essentially without even knowing the healing was taking place. Later I understood that the ratio of passion I would experience with my dance started to outweigh my hesitation to express, my lack of self esteem, etc. Thus my confidence and liberation as both a dancer and performer grew and I became more connected to the medium as a spiritual outlet.

Dancing can be communication with the universe– your spirit guides, ancestors of light, father mother, god–whoever you pray or speak to. When you choose to embrace your dance practice with a higher divine power in mind and body, you can avoid injury, heal injuries, embrace wellness, and expand self awareness.

Bringing such spiritual purpose into my dance allows me to channel unique movement vocabulary and create foreign dance languag e that always feels new to me. Dance has grown to be a discovery of the unknown. For example, I’d hear an East Indian music track and naturally dance the art of that culture. I’d listen to Native American music and embody ancient message and gestures, or in folkloric dance– tell their story, dance their joy.  Sacred Dance became more playful this way, an adventure each time and also extremely enchanting while also sometimes very cathartic.

So what is a catharsis exactly?  A purge, a release, a breakthrough?  I like to call the elevated feeling after the dance a catharsis, as there lies great potential to break through veils of fog or layers of fatigue, stress, burden, etc. The stagnant waters in the body are able to let loose and refresh. We get to hydrate, circulate and dismiss the un-serving energy that we no longer need to carry. We can become rejuvenated, set free… unborn dead to explore or become a nomad of the dance, meandering into a new way of expression, being, and feeling.  There is absolutely no right or wrong to the way we move. If the dance feels sacred, then it is. Dance can be ecstatic and bring about an energetic awakening, like that bliss from meditation we feel after a deep yoga practice or that complete relaxation after receiving a massage from a Human Touch massage chair (it truly feels like human fingers and hands running down my back, putting me at ease and re-energizing me in a way dance does).

Within the Sacred Nature of Dancing today, try to activate your primal energy and let feelings and emotions bubble up, even the ones that scare you. Bring your joys, fears, challenges, shame, grief, loss and hesitations to the surface. Confront this energy. Spell it out. Let it be an unraveling dive inward, a cleanse, a way to know yourself a little bit more.

In this process we further develop our emotional, mental and physical well being. Dance is a beautiful opportunity to release rigidity. When we struggle with vocalizing our emotions, our pleasure, our pain- the dance can be the ultimate vehicle of expression. Let your movement be non-traditional.  Create it as you go. See what you awaken.


Heal & Inspire!
~Jada Fire~

“Awakening to the God/Goddess within not only electrifies the soul – yet it gives us purpose to shine as we have been designed to”~ Jada

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