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Friday, April 08th, 2011

By Jada Fire

If you are new to the yoga world and are seeking the benefits of a good yoga practice try visiting some of your local yoga studios near you. Often you will find some yoga classes offered in clubs and gyms and although you can find some wonderful teachers there to guide you through a practice, you may want to continue searching for an authentic yoga home. The difference you may find in practicing yoga in a yoga studio is the ambiance, the comfort, the sense of ease, self expression and even quietude. In today’s times we are inundated with too much information, usually all at once with televisions, radios, advertisements every where you turn. When can you find some peace and quiet? Where do you go to unwind, turn inward and explore the depth of your own breath? Do you have a place to go that helps you to feel safe and sacred in your body? If you are looking for a special setting like this, try discovering some yoga studios and classes offered in your area that feel calm, inviting and non-judgmental. It is important to feel relaxed in the space in which you practice, even if it is in your own room. Turn off the cell phone and light a soy candle, give yourself enough time, be patient with your practice, and reward yourself after your yoga session, with a massage. Grow to love your body on a deeper level- it is after all the only one you got!

Jamie Tam in a Human Touch massage chair

Yoga can often feel intimidating to a new student who has preconceived ideas of the practice by looking at ads that showcase extreme postures that may feel impossible to try as a beginner. Just know that there are plenty of beginner friendly classes offered everywhere and be sure to ask around for just that- a beginner friendly class with modifications and variations to each movement and asana so that you can go with your own flow. The rest is all about breathing, being in the moment and staying open to exploring some thing new. Often I will hear, ‘I am not flexible so I don’t practice yoga”. My response is always, “Yoga is designed to bring flexibility to the body and mind, so perhaps it is exactly what you may need?” The truth is getting to the class is sometimes the hardest part. Once you are there and willing to give yourself the time you need to recharge, release and move energy, then you are already experiencing the yoga bliss that some yogis will talk about.

It doesn’t take much to open up your body’s awareness, senses and intuition. You will probably find that 1/3 through your practice you will already feel lighter, the breath deeper, the body more flexible. The best postures to ply with as a beginner that I would recommend to start with are the child’s pose and easy forward folds. Be sure to try these two postures often and know that you can always take a rest and gather your energy here.

The other benefit you will find in going to an actual yoga studio rather than a fitness club is the sense of community available in a studio setting. I always say if you are new to town, no matter where you live, find a few yoga studios to get connected with. It is where you will interact with like minded positive people who are willing to make the world a better place by simply taking the time to give a good yoga practice to their body and mind. You may find yourself rolling up your mat and meeting a few others yogis for tea, lunch or another class that same week. It is a very peaceful setting to make new friends, learn more about yourself and take responsibility for your own energy.

Jump in and try a few classes in a few different places. Find a teacher and place that calls to you. Allow your yoga practice to feed you and therefore, feed the people you love.

Namaste ( An Indian Sanskrit word that means:

‘May we see and honor the divine light within each other’) ~ Peace, Jada Fire

Jaime Tam “Jada Fire” is a Spiritual Yoga Instructor, Ethnic-Fusion Dancer and Member of the Human Touch Wellness Council