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Thursday, May 05th, 2011

Human Touch’s Wellness Council is committed to educating professionals, sports-enthusiasts, back pain sufferers and consumers alike on the importance and benefits of taking control of their daily lives, maintaining a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit and maximizing their overall health and wellness lifestyle by incorporating regular massage into their “wellness” routine through the use of personal massage products.

Jaime Tam is a talented artist, ethnic-fusion dancer and a spiritual yoga instructor who is available to showcase her talents at many occasions. She performs in various venues specializing in middle-eastern dance, tribal-trance dance, Polynesian fire dance and a vivid, live canvas painting performance. When Jaime is not performing at special events she is teaching her Expressive Yoga-Dance classes here in Las Vegas and worldwide! Jaime has developed the Expressive Yoga™ and Expressive Yoga Dance™ form in 2001. Right here in Las Vegas, she shares, inspires and implements her Yoga-Dance classes and teacher training certifications with many spirit seekers, students and teachers from all over the world!

How to Heal with Yoga and Human Touch Massage Chairs by Jaime Tam

After a long day of nurturing and chasing after our sweet little baby boy Satori who is now 8 months old, and having the honor of teaching and sharing in a yoga practice later in the evening a few nights a week, I find nothing more blissfully relaxing than to sink into my lofty Human Touchmassage chair back at home to tune out to tune in!

Within my yoga practice I like to offer several light healing adjustments to my students throughout the class to encourage their heart to open deeper or assist in a bigger bind or simply guide one into a more restorative place to breathe with their body. The joy of my practice is within the human heart to heart connection and that feeling of primitive connectedness with my students through movement, breath and restoration. The light healing touch I like to offer here and there may be their biggest joy within the practice, as most students just love to melt deeper into relaxation and recharge even if for just a few moments in each posture.

At the close of each class we resonate with three vibrant Oms with our mats forming a big circle and together and express our gratitude, set healthy intentions for moving forward. We then roll up our mats to get back into the world with more compassion and passion for life. Well at least this is what we seek to aim for anyhow.

Often my students say that they really feel in their bodies throughout and after class and sometimes thank me for doing them such a divine service, which is essentially to slow down, check in and get serenely grounded in mind body and spirit. I feel as though the practice allows us to weave the energy of the body and mind closer together, like a bridge providing resiliency and balance.

The nature of my yoga practice is to bring about stillness and motion, like a moving meditation. I like to say that moving slow is powerful and that energy moves with sound, so open up your voice and breathe. Upon settling in back at home I too enjoy opening and receiving to bit of that inner calm, quietude and body bliss. Although there is nothing quite like the special opportunity to connect with fellow yogis in a yoga practice, as both student and teacher, I feel immense gratitude for the option to return home to kick back, warm my body up and indulge with a little touch of healing for myself. You can check out some of the benefits for having a massage chair here.

Just about any setting on my chair will do. I push a button and trust it is just what my body is looking for. Om Shanti~