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Use Essential Oils and Human Touch® Massage for Fibromyalgia
by: Julie Chertow, Human Touch Wellness Council Member

As those with Fibromyalgia know, it is a very debilitating disease.

The main symptom being ongoing uncontrollable pain. Other symptoms are sleeplessness, depression, brain fog and more.

There is no magical solution for the cure-all but there is GREAT help and support with essential oils. Essential oils are steam distilled from plants, trees, flowers, roots etc., and many of the oils have powerful compounds that are highly supportive for inflammation and pain.

Young Living Essential Oils - Deep Relief

Essential oils can help penetrate within seconds to give relief to inflammation and pain. As a body worker, I can honestly say this is not hearsay. For years I have watched my client’s pain and inflammation subside while using essential oils on a consistent basis.

The best place to apply oils are at the back of the neck and of course by deeply inhaling. I like to apply my oils first and then use my Human Touch massage chair to relax and take the time to truly let the oils heal and work into my skin as I get a soothing massage. There are many benefits for people with chronic pain like Fibromyalgia to use massage chairs. Read what the experts at Human Touch® have to say: “Regular massage is an integral part of many physical rehabilitation programs and chiropractic treatment plans. It has proven beneficial for many chronic conditions, including low back pain, arthritis, bursitis and Fibromyalgia.”

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Fibromyalgia can also cause depression, and Frankincense has been scientifically studied and documented to be very supportive for depression. I usually advise my clients to use in combination, Frankincense and Rutavala which works wonders for uplifting depression. Diffusing the oils is a wonderful way to support emotional exhilaration. I recommend diffusers to for these oils and for brain fog, peppermint oils are very effective to bring oxygen into the brain and bring much better feeling of clarity.

If you are suffering with Fibromyalgia it is imperative to make big, necessary changes like cleaning the body of toxins and changing harmful foods and additives that compromise the body. I personally know many people that have been greatly supportive in their healing journey to wellness using the essential oils. Please feel free to contact me if you need any advice or suggestions for oils to use and how to buy them.
Essential oils are so restorative and harmonize so easily and quickly with our bodies.

May all those suffering with Fibromyalgia find the positive support you need to heal.

Many Blessings,
Julie Chertow CMT,
Young Living Essential Oils, Essential Oils Educator

Oils recommended: Deep Relief Roll On™, Peace & Calming, Peppermint, RutaVala, & Lavender, Joy™, Clarity™

*Study of Frankincense & Depression

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