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Monday, June 20th, 2011

I Won a Foot & Calf Massager!!
by Felicia Fibro

When I saw that the Human Touch Facebook page was holding contests and giveaways for their massagers I was excited. Then, when I saw that they were for people with fibromyalgia (in honor of Natoinal Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and the weeks surrounding it) I was even more excited! Imagine how elated I was to hear that I had actually won one of their fibromyalgia trivia contests!! Shortly after I won, their HT-1341 CirQlation® Power II Foot & Calf massager was at my house.

Set up was easy, you literally plug it in, flip a switch and pick the massage program that you want to use. Although the unit is a little heavy (21 lbs) there are nice built in handles to help you move it. My favorite part of the massager is the foot massage. It uses these under-foot massage rollers that can massage better than some people I’ve known! I have fairly high arches and the massager still gets in them. Ahh, bliss! Everytime I think about it, I want to go use it again! Who doesn’t love reaping the benefits of massage?

Felicia Fibro, Human Touch's Friend in Wellness will be stopping by to share her stories about fibromyalgia, tips and inspiration. She will also share how massage has helped her ease pain and discomfort from fibromyalgia. Felica is a proud owner of the Human Touch HT-1341 CirQlation® Foot & Calf massager

There are 3 settings, P1: Gentle Relief (pulsating kneading massage that improves circulation), P2: Rapid Refresh (brisk, effective kneading massage that provides continuous relief) and Single Speed Run (continuous cycle of kneading and under-foot massage to relax and regenerate). Although it sounds like P1 might be the setting most people with fibromyalgia would like, I found it to apply too much pressure when I went into using it already feeling extra sore and sensitive. P2 is my favored setting, followed by Single Speed Run. To get more comfortable I took a hand towel and folded in half, twice and used it to cushion the top edge of the massager. I have fairly muscular calves and this made them much happier. I also found that changing seat angles made it more comfortable. My dinning room chair was the comfiest seat for me to use the massager in.

What really impressed me though? The company. How awesome is it that they helped raise fibromyalgia awareness AND also gave away feel-good-devices to some of us, who’re living in pain?!? They’re even going to start featuring monthly blog posts on fibromyalgia that I’ll be contributing to. On Memorial Day I saw that they’d also donated 47 massage chairs, 30 foot & calf massagers and 40 pieces of exercise equipment to our troops in Afghanistan!! Watching this video about it brought tears to my eyes. So, thanks Human Touch,for all that you do!

Do you have a massage device that you love?

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