Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Mindy Green

By Mindy Green


Many men take little time for their health. But what if contributing to your well-being involved doing little but scheduling and enjoying a relaxing aromatic massage? It is estimated that 90% of doctor’s visits are for stress related ailments; isn’t it great to know that one of the best stress busters is easily achieved by letting someone else do all the work? That is nearly as good and much better for you than spending the day on the couch watching sports and drinking a beer (okay, almost).

June is National Men’s Health Month and what better way to honor it than by treating yourself to an aromatic massage? Massage is not just found in spas these days. It is now offered at hospitals, sports clinics, gyms, airports and many businesses. Or if you don’t have time to schedule massage therapy treatments, or in between scheduled massage therapy sessions, having a Human Touch® massage chair in your home with a variety of essential oils on hand is also a great way to enjoy the benefits of regular aromatic massages.

Once you check with your doctor for clearance on getting a massage, you can choose a variety of massage styles including Swedish, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue or Sports massage. All types feel good and benefit the body, mind and spirit. Massage often alleviates painful injuries acquired by the weekend warrior or professional athlete, but it might surprise you to know that research has proven its benefits for a variety of issues that affect many of us including pain and stiffness, controlling high blood pressure and boosting immunity. The benefits of massage also go beyond the physical body, helping to alleviate symptoms related to stress, anxiety and depression.

Whether you are taking 15 or 90 minutes for yourself be sure to include the wonderful benefits of utilizing a massage oil that is scented with pure plant essential oils. These natural fragrances add more than just pleasant aroma; they contribute to massage benefits in a variety of ways, depending on which essential oils are chosen. For instance, rosemary, ginger and eucalyptus oils can help increase circulation, benefiting sore muscles. Small amounts of peppermint and wintergreen can help alleviate pain. Lavender, orange, and vetiver help to ground and lift the mood. Scent also has a profound impact on memory and emotion. Inhaling the aroma of the massage oil that is used during your appointment can later remind you of the relaxation that you experienced during the massage session, and momentarily relive the moment of respite.

There is no easier way to take care of yourself!

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