Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

In honor of Runner’s Month, our Human Touch® Wellness Council Member and U.S. Olympian Jeff Galloway is sharing a few helpful wellness tips for runners of all ages and abilities on our Facebook page and he’s also hosting a contest! Jeff will be giving away a HT-3100 WholeBody® Massage Chair to one lucky runner. The entry rules are simple. Simply check the “Jeff Galloway Contest” tab here on Facebook for the trivia questions. Find the answers to those questions in the blog post below. Then include your name, email and the answers on the form included within the “Jeff Galloway Contest” tab and hit “submit form.” Good luck!

“My mission is to help people improve the quality of their lives through physical activity, body care, and eating energizing foods of quality. The right wellness program is one that includes a balance of activities to empower the individual every day.” Jeff uses his Human Touch® massage chair for overall wellness – for before runs and especially after long runs, races or strenuous workouts. He talks about the benefits of massage for runners here.

Jeff Galloway is a world-class athlete. As a member of the 1972 Olympic team, Jeff competed against the world’s best athletes in Europe, Africa, and the former Soviet Union. He broke the U.S. 10-mile record (47:49) in 1973 and has a six-mile best of 27:21. Among his victories are the Peachtree Road Race (in 1970 he became the first winner),Honolulu Marathon, Atlanta Marathon and top place finisher in many prominent U.S. races such as the Boston Marathon. He is the Founder of the Galloway Marathon Training Program and he coaches over 200,000 runners and walkers and is the inventor of the Galloway RUN-WALK-RUN™ method. Jeff is an inspirational speaker to over 200 running and fitness sessions each year.

“A marathon begins with a single step . . . a lifestyle change begins with a vision and a single step.” From Jeff Galloway’s Training Journal, Phidippides Publications, 1998.

Jeff has written monthly columns for Runner’s World magazine and has also written a few books including: Galloway Training Programs; Galloways’ Book of Running; Half-Marathon, You Can Do It and more. In 1984, Jeff published his first book and then Shelter Publications took it over.

Jeff has competed in countless races and has many memories to go along with those amazing experiences. In 1966 he had his favorite marathon experience with his dad at the Boston Marathon. Kenji Kimihara grabbed the victory wreath that year with a time of 2:17:11. When running marathons, Jeff uses a run:walk interval he invented. It is 30 seconds: 30 seconds – 30 seconds running, following another 30 seconds walking. His usual approximate finish time is five hours.

Jeff used to run marathons without eating anything at all and then at the end of these rcaes, his blood sugar was so low that he “hardly enjoyed the exhilaration” when finishing. For his last 40+ marathons he started using energy bars as his blood sugar booster and says he’s “enjoyed the afterglow of each – even the tough ones.” Speaking of sugar, Jeff eats very well but makes sure to treat himself to some Breyer’s® Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream very so often!

Picking out shoes and running gear can sometimes be a daunting task and many still need help in figuring out what to buy. Jeff advises: “You want (a running store) that has a reputation for spending time with each customer to find a shoe that will best match the shape and function of the foot. Quality stores are often busy, and quality fitting takes time. Be prepared to spend at least 45 minutes in the store.” So where was Jeff’s first running store? In Tallahassee, FL. Jeff says: “Getting good advice can save your feet. The experienced shoe staff can direct you toward shoes that give you a better fit and work better on your feet. I hear from people about every week whom have purchased a ‘great deal’ but had to use them for mowing the lawn because they didn’t work on their feet.”

Did you know? Jeff is not his given name. What is it and how did he come to be called Jeff? John Franklin became JF, which became Jeff when JF was said with a Southern twang. ☺

Good luck to everyone entering the Jeff Galloway contest sponsored by Human Touch®!

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