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Friday, September 09th, 2011

September is Pain Awareness Month and Human Touch® has asked a couple of it’s Wellness Council Members to help out and educate the public about various types of pain, pain management and the benefits of massage. Stick with us this month to learn about various types of pain and chronic pain and gain valuable insight into how you or your loved ones can feel better.

Human Touch® Wellness Council Member and Aroma-Herbalist Mindy Green

The following post is by Mindy Green, member of the Human Touch® Wellness Council. Each Human Touch Wellness Council Member serves as an ambassador for the importance of daily massage, communicating their key wellness messages through online and offline media, community events and public forums. Mindy is a consultant known for imparting to others her firsthand experience running a botanical operation. She’s also an active, international public speaker due to her unparalleled aromatherapy knowledge. The third industry in Mindy’s natural-products triad is healthcare and wellness. It is Mindy’s philosophy that individual health translates into global health. She is a long-time environmental activist and a board member for the non-profit organization United Plant Savers, where she contributes to a wider awareness of how plants create health for us all.

Pain Management with Massage and Aromatherapy
by Mindy Green

Nothing is more debilitating than incessant, nagging pain. Pain can stem from a variety of causes, sometimes difficult to pinpoint, but many symptoms can be managed with an effective combination of massage and essential oils. Massage is often associated with relaxation and relief of muscle tension, both of which can help reduce pain, but massage with the added benefit of aromatherapy is even more effective for a wide variety of pain and discomfort. Neck tightness, headache, sore muscles, repetitive motion or impact injuries, post surgery inflammation, fibromyalgia, sciatica and many other types of pain can find relief with this blend of therapies. It is well studied that many natural aromas contribute to relaxation which can soothe the nervous system, a trigger for pain when the stressors of life prove too much. Pure plant essential oils may even cheer your mood and lift your spirits while providing liberation from your aches and pains.

Essential Oils for Pain:
Peppermint, birch and wintergreen are natural analgesics and help reduce the perception of pain.
Rosemary, ginger, black pepper, eucalyptus and juniper are circulatory stimulants for muscle relief.
Marjoram and lavender relieve cramping and spasms, and are useful for headache pain.
Frankincense, chamomile and helichrysum are effective antiinflammatories for a variety of issues that contribute to pain.
These essential oils can be diluted and used as an overall massage oil for general relief or targeted to spot treat painful areas. Use any combination of the oils suggested; add a total of 10 drops of a single oil or blend of essential oils to one ounce of massage oil or lotion and apply as often as needed.

Do not use on open wounds. For external use only.

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