Friday, October 07th, 2011

Felicia Fibro joined Human Touch as a “Friend in Wellness” as she actively shares wellness information to help people with fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disorder which is characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, tenderness in localized areas, sleepless nights and overall fatigue. Massage has been found to be one of the best solutions to help ease pain as it increases blood circulation, flexibility, range of motion and helps reduce stress and depression caused by fibromyalgia.

Felicia Fibro, Human Touch's Friend in Wellness will be stopping by to share her stories about fibromyalgia, tips and inspiration. She will also share how massage has helped her ease pain and discomfort from fibromyalgia. Felica is a proud owner of the Human Touch HT-1341 CirQlation® Foot & Calf massager

As a winner of our Facebook contest for Fibromyalgia Month a few months back, Felicia Fibro uses her Human Touch Foot-and-Calf massager to help manage her pain while on her quest to raise awareness and help others by sharing information and staying positive.

Thinking Through the Fibro Fog
by Felicia Fibro

One of the problems those with fibromyalgia face is thinking through their fibro fog. Fibro fog is known by quite a few terms: brain fog, cognitive dysfunction, mental fog, mental fuzziness and dis-cognition. It manifests itself in an array of ways: confusion, forgetfulness, word mix-ups (seeing/hearing/saying one word instead of another), concentration problems, poor word recalls, difficulty grasping a spoken or written concept and losing a train of thought.

At times fibro fog can be worse than at others. Often times it is worse when experiencing more pain or fatigue than normal or when feeling overly stimulated. Some practices that can help deal with fibro fog are creating lists, taking notes, setting calendar/phone reminder alarms and consistently putting things (keys, bills, etc…) in the same place. These methods really help me! Some medications, like Adderall or Cymbalta, may help lessen the symptoms by increasing focus and lessening our bodies’ overwhelming pain signals, respectively.

I first realized I was experiencing fibro fog when I went from being a mental phone book of new and old friends’ numbers to not remembering my current friends’ phone numbers. Yes, this was before everyone just programmed numbers into cell phones. The first years fibro fog effected me in social situations I would feel dumb and get embarrassed. I knew why I was losing my train of thought or not being able to recall simple words that I wanted to speak, but it wasn’t like I was going to give a medical explanation to people I’d just met!

I admit that sometimes I still feel that way in front of people when I first meet them, but for the most part I just laugh it off now. I poke fun at myself, play charades or “word thesaurus” trying to get people to figure out the word I’m trying to think of or sometimes I say, “I should probably just stop talking,” followed by a laugh. I know that my true friends, the people who really know me, know that I’m intelligent and not ditsy.

The good thing is that word mix-ups can make for some very comical situations! For instance, I was recently in a conversation at a party where it would’ve been funny if I brought up RuPaul. Instead I mentioned Ron Paul. I couldn’t understand why nobody thought what I said was funny. Then The Helpful Hubby heard me repeat it, started laughing and gave me the name I’d meant to say – RuPaul. Ron Paul is a politician, RuPaul is a drag queen…quite different references! LOL! Another word mix up gave my friend and fellow spoonie, @MessyHappiness, and I one of our new favorite phrases. I had written her, “I’d try to stay calm for now =) it will help your body heal faster!” and she read, “…catch some calm.” Now we use the phrase “catch some calm” quite often!

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