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Wednesday, November 09th, 2011

Jamie Tamby Jada Fire

Salutations Mommas-to-be and blessings on your transformational journey with a baby in the womb! It’s Maternity Wellness Month as the Human Touch Wellness Center. Carrying a little one within is a powerful and enlightening experience. There is so much to learn about your body and the waves of change that will come with this gestational period. You may hear an overflow of information, with many different points of view on what to do and not do during your pregnancy.

The simple advice I’d like to share with pregnant women is to first always listen to your body, your intuition, your pace, with all that you do. Your body is intrinsically wired to create new life force completely on its own and no instruction manual comes with our bodies when we take on new life and birth our babies from within. Intuition is key during this time, so find many moments to pull back, rest and recharge. You have nine months to ponder, meditate, plan, manifest and receive support and love from everywhere, so enjoy this sacred time with yourself!

As for movement, it is wise to embrace walking long stretches, such as one to three miles a day if the temperature and conditions allow. Walking is the most wonderful form of movement/exercise you can do for you and your baby during these nine months. The walk allows you to take in the fresh air, gives you time to process, and keeps your circulation flowing.

Being a yoga dance practitioner and instructor encouraged me to continue with my normal routine and to always listen to my body, stay super hydrated and know when enough is enough. Having my yoga practice throughout my pregnancy was extremely beneficial. It helped to keep me fluid and limber, energized and feeling good and healthy about myself. The movement and music is rhythmically appeasing to the babe within and is a spiritual way to develop creative connection with your baby. There are some guidelines to follow however with practicing yoga and my condensed list of things to consider is as follows. These 5 simple steps are great to keep in mind when practicing yoga:

For the Pregnant Yogini~

1. Body Temperature
A pregnant yogini should always be sure to keep her body temperature average, warm is fine, but avoid becoming too hot. Take breaks and leave the room when you feel your body temperature is getting too warm. Be sure to stay hydrated. Have water with you and drink water often throughout your practice.

2. Avoid All Inversions!
To be on the safe side we prefer at our studio that pregnant mommies stay away from going upside down in any variation. Down dogs and wide legged forward folds are great to let the baby rest and relax as if dangling in his/her own hammock, just like you would also find in a cat -cow, movement through the spine. Embrace positions like wide legged child’s pose when uncertain about the posture the rest of the class may be exploring.

3. Stay Away from Deep Twisting.
No need to take twisting to your edge. Instead get length by sitting tall and find the breath full and deep. Light twisting is okay. Listen to your body, listen to the baby!

4. Avoid Abdominal Strengthening
Let your belly relax and save the sit-ups, boat pose, and any posture that requires the abdominal region to be challenged for post pregnancy, preferably 4 months after delivery. Give your belly the buddha rub instead… the baby will like it.

5. When Reclining…
When in a relaxation (savasana) or a movement on the spine, pay attention to supine hypotension. If you feel nausea, light headed or uncomfortable lying directly on the spine, then immediately roll over to your left side of the body, recline and rest there. For your meditation, use pillows, bricks, bolsters or extra mats to get comfortable!

6. Receive a massage
After your yoga session, get your relax on by getting a massage. Avoid intense massages and instead opt for low-pressure massages that won’t agitated your baby too much. The benefits to massages are plentiful!

Remember you are the divine mother!

Most of all, enjoy your practice.
Peace, Passion and Compassion~ Namaste

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“Awakening to the God/Goddess within not only electrifies the soul – yet it gives us purpose to shine as we have been designed to”~ Jada