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Thursday, November 03rd, 2011

By Mindy Green, Aroma-Herbalist

Mindy Green, Aroma-HerbalistThe blessed event of pregnancy is rife with anticipation for mom and family, which can sometimes include the anxiety of preparation and eagerness, especially if this is your first child.

Studies show that one of the best ways to reduce these stressors and optimize well being during pregnancy is massage. The benefits of massage, including increased muscle relaxation, reduced back pain and improved lymph and blood circulation, can all contribute to greater relaxation, reduced edema and joint swelling, as well as enhanced overall health in prenatal care.

Common sense dictates choosing a gentle form of massage that flows easily, feels good and has no discomfort such as deep pressure that is too deep. The perfect answer lies in the customized settings of the Human Touch® massage chair which can gently rock you, work on your lower back and tense neck, or numerous other problem areas, while staying off your stomach and lying comfortably in a reclined position.
For increased relaxation benefits, apply a blend of two drops lavender and three drops of orange essential oils into one ounce of massage oil or body lotion prior to settling into the chair. Sit back and breathe in deeply; the aroma will contribute to muscle relaxation. Both of these essential oils have research that suggests they are uplifting to the mood and reduce stress.

It is also interesting to note that the sense of smell is the only sense that is fully developed in a newborn, and since babies can smell in-utero, it has the potential to provide a memory of the warm, safe space of the womb. It would also be a useful blend for bathing, diaper care, cradle cap, and overall skin care once the baby has entered the world.

Massage can begin at any stage of pregnancy, but some women choose to wait until after the first trimester. Together, with the guidance of your prenatal care provider you can develop a plan that will improve your personal comfort during the expectant months.

Throughout November, Human Touch® will be celebrating Maternity Wellness Month in honor of expectant and new moms, dads and loved ones, alike. Check back often to the Human Touch® blog, and on Facebook and Twitter @HTFeelBetter, to learn about how to achieve optimal wellness and balance throughout the miraculous journey of childbirth and beyond.