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Friday, December 02nd, 2011

By Dr. James RouseDr. James Rouse

“It is the tendency which our thought is taking…the dominant attitude of our mind-if every day is a little better, a little happier, a little more harmonious, a little more health giving and joyous and each day we are expressing more life-we are going in the right direction.”
- Ernest Holmes The Science of Mind

Wellness and a lifestyle marked by inspired well-being is wonderfully contagious! A golden thread that ties together and supports the experience of positive living is built moment by moment, thought by thought and action by action. Always be mindful of the fact that you are always called to greatness-breathe in that truth and step in to every day with the confidence of I AM.

Tending towards great well-being is a practice to be played with daily-enjoy discovering and experiencing your highest level of vitality, creativity-peace and joy now and every are some traveling tips for your journey:

I AM a breakfast eater because I know that eating a well-balanced breakfast will lower my risk for heart disease and diabetes and elevate my mood and productivity; all while supporting my healthy weight.

I AM a green tea drinker, this is because drinking green tea daily is associated with lowering my risk for many types of cancer, fights cognitive decline while improving my ability to manage stress and fight depression.

I AM a daily exerciser for I know that moving daily is an opportunity to improve my thinking, increase my ability to avoid heart disease, diabetes, cancer-while building my body to live longer and stronger.

I AM a lover of colorful fruits and vegetable as they are shown to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, reduce the risk of most cancers and maintain a healthy weight.

I AM a practitioner of daily meditation as I enjoy knowing that with this practice I enjoy wonderfully healthy blood pressure, lower levels of stress hormone cortisol, and a greater capacity to use my mind and thoughts to create peace, joy and success.

I AM an inverse paranoid, believing fully that the Universe is always conspiring for my greatness.

I AM the one mind, sourced in Spirit and with that I am here to live, to express, to create greatness in me and as me today and always.

Be inspired by knowing the thoughts and actions of your day are your life in miniature. Courageously choosing to embody the I AM presence and practices will support you in expressing your greatness-a power-filled way to be fully alive and on fire with purpose.