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Thursday, December 15th, 2011

By Jada Fire/Jamie Tam

The Yoga practice we engage in is very stimulating and essential to our circulation and maintenance of our vibrant, optimal energy. Whether your routine is easy, beginner or advanced power flow, consistency is also key in practicing yoga. I say this because I always notice a big shift in my health and ability to flow with the day when I pull away from my practice. Even if for a week or two, I do notice the difference in my digestion and mentality when I miss out on that great opportunity to check in, center, circulate and dissolve the static energy that just builds up over time. Now with the holidays illuminating and overwhelming the spirit, it’s even more important to find that sacred time to move breathe and find the ease and restoration we need to keep our inner engine going smooth ad strong.

I also feel that yoga is an outstanding way to have a positive relationship with yourself. As we know, relationships take effort, sometimes it can feel like work to make the dynamics of any relationship positive and healthy. The best way to keep relationships fresh and fluid is to communicate. Yes, speak to you partner, spouse or child about the small things that build up into larger, heavier issues when not massaged through with simple and clear language, self expression. For instance, last night before we sleep, my husband and I lay in bed and passed our thoughts back and forth about all the things that we are bothered by one another. It was quite funny, as we approached the topic with intention to fix, heal or adjust our natural behaviors and we ended up laughing at the small pet peeves that rock the boat at bay. We mentioned silly things like not putting the clothes in the dryer after they are washed or cooking too much oatmeal in the morning, wasting food, etc. We also touched on some deeper issues as well which allowed us to take the time and brainstorm possible resolutions for our situations. So I mention this as I felt a similar parallel to the relationship we share with self. When I miss out on my yoga practice, I miss out on the chance to communicate with me. If I skip a week, then I have some catching up to do. Taking that body inventory is sometimes more time consuming when I finally get around to it than just keeping consistent and moving my body’s energy on a regular basis.

Yoga can offer you overall health benefits and improve your circulation with just an hour out of your busy week. Ideally, get into a routine each day, even if it is walking to the coffee shop, work or school every morning and focusing on the conscious breath while getting there. Movement is key and the more consistent you can be with communicating with your body through movement and breath, the more optimal energy you will create for yourself.

With so much going on through the holidays, see what you can do to be consistent with your circulation, take full responsibility for your energy. Keep this task simple and light hearted. Improving your overall health is a journey and bear in mind that the journey is the best part! Practicing yoga can be as simple as making the bed, which we try to do every morning (well at least I do). Today I ask you to find an easy and enjoyable rhythm with your approach to yoga. Less is really more- remember to recharge your batteries! Let your gift of giving this season be the gift of positive energy to the people and loved ones around you. The positive flow begins with you!

Happy Holidays and Happy 2012! Namaste ~Jada Fire

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