Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

By David Marcarian, MA

When one is recovering from an accident at 152 mph (yes, in a race car…where engineering is also critical for “health,” known better as staying alive through safety equipment), making it through each day can be extremely painful. From a biomechanics standpoint, I was using perhaps one of the most expensive and popular chairs while attempting to work. I found myself with my head on the desk writhing in pain as the standard bodily position in the typical “traditional-style” executive’s chair applies force downwards on the spine, making all the issues associated with injury of the spine worsened simply due to the constant downward forces on the spine.

One day I was at a friend’s, who had a “Perfect Chair.” What happened changed my life. I went back into that “special position” that the Perfect Chair affords, which essentially makes Newton proud: Forces are now spread evenly about the spine, and suddenly all the pressure on my already inflamed discs etc. (it is more complex than that) simply go away. I fell asleep in the chair for four hours! Literally.

From then on, my level of productivity went up significantly as I no longer had issue with pain while sitting. To perfect the “Perfect Chair,” and as a well-trained ergonomist from NASA, I knew I needed a keyboard for my computer which allowed my arms to drop and relax also (another problem while seated in a traditional executive’s chair). It is difficult to get the arms to drop while seated in traditional chairs, as most of us have to lift our shoulders to get our hands lifted up to adapt to a keyboard placed too high. Using an integrated keyboard/mouse was the next problem I solved. Logitech makes a keyboard called the “DiNovo Edge.” It works more like a keyboard on a notebook computer with a touchpad built into the keyboard. By using the Perfect Chair along with this “all-in-one” keyboard, I was able to put my computer screen high. (I went all out and mounted a 52-inch screen against the wall as high as possible.) So I could sit in the chair leaning back in the “space launch” position (or close) reducing pressure on my spine, see the monitor perfectly and place the keyboard in my lap or on the special keyboard table that works flawlessly with the Perfect Chair. The keyboard table is also ergonomically flawless. It tilts just right, places the keyboard in the perfect position due to how well designed it is with regard to adjustable position, and moves out of the way completely when I’m done using it.

I relied upon the Perfect Chair to make it through the three years it took to recover enough to function again. Oh, and to add to it? ICE is the injured spine’s best friend. The Perfect Chair comes to the rescue when it comes to the optimal use of ice for reducing inflammation. (I’m sitting with ice on my Perfect Chair’s back as I write this.)

Due to again, our good friend Newton, by placing ice down on the chair, sitting in it and then tilting it back, the pressure placed against the ice is optimal. You can modulate the effect of ice by wrapping paper towels around to get the perfect amount of “cold” to match your needs. When using a standard chair, the ice slips down off the chair, or you end up leaning backwards in a position which does nothing but make your injuries worse.

So even from the engineer’s standpoint, the Perfect Chair provides optimal holistic health. Even its engineering features have been created in a holistic fashion!

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