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Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

by Mindy Green 

Nowhere is aromatherapy more relevant than in holistic health. Natural botanical scents extracted via steam distillation or cold pressing make up the bulk of available essential oils on the market, and are easily incorporated into every aspect of integrative care.

These scented wonders provided by Mother Gaia are derived from leaves, flowers, seeds, grasses, barks, roots, rhizomes and resins – virtually every plant part.  They provide a wide palate of activity and natural fragrance to address issues of mind, body and spirit. Treating this triad is the essence of addressing the whole person for a more effective and sustained improvement in overall well-being.

Essential oils can be used effectively against bacterial, fungal or viral conditions, aching joints, digestive issues, pain, sunburn, rashes, headache, and a host of other problems. More interestingly, they also mitigate the mental and emotional issues that often accompany physical ailments such as anxiety, depression, anger or general spiritual malaise.

Many ancient systems of healing base the premise of bodily disorders as having roots in emotional issues; when ignored they may manifest into physical dis-ease to get our attention. Stress reduction is most simply and easily addressed with two modes of therapy: deep breathing and physical relaxation.

The first is best achieved with pleasant scents – the more we enjoy the aroma, the deeper we breathe, which more effectively reduces stress. The second is with the Human Touch massage chair system – you simply lie there and the chair does all the work while you receive a relaxing experience.


Three of the most widely used essential oils with a wide range of activity for balancing the subtle and physical bodies are lavender, frankincense and rose.

Lavender is the most effective first aid oil for every home-treated ailment imaginable – bites, burns, acne, wound healing, headaches, muscle pain, infections, insomnia, colds, flu, adrenal burnout, and more.  It also has substantial research on its efficacy in ameliorating anxiety, anger and depression. It is probably the most widely used essential oil in the aromatherapy material medica. Thus the motto, “When in doubt, use lavender.”

Frankincense is the quintessential meditation oil, having been used for centuries in monasteries, temples and churches to bring one closer to their personal deities. It is employed for a variety of physical and spiritual maladies. Research tells us it is an effective anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and respiratory aid. When one feels disconnected from life’s purpose, this oil can bring us back to balance on all levels. It helps center the spirit, calm the mind and slow the breath – all of which help reduce stress, our biggest obstacle to attaining health.

Rose helps one to master the ups and downs of the physical and emotional heart. It is used in numerous issues pertaining to the vascular and digestive systems. This includes the liver, which according to Chinese medicine, is the seat of anger and jealousy. Rose helps to alleviate the emotional pain of grief and envy while toning the blood system and all ailments related to the feminine psyche and physique. It is the symbol of fidelity for the physical and spiritual realms, and the mediator between the three upper (spiritual) and the three lower (physical) chakras.

These oils may be used together or as single remedies by diluting 10 total drops of the essential oil into one ounce of carrier oil such as almond or grape seed oil. Apply directly to the skin as a massage or after bath oil, or use during meditation, yoga practice or simply enjoying quiet time or the solitude of a warm tub.  Aromatherapy while immersed in a Human Touch massage chair is especially relaxing and effective.

Scented remedies derived from plants are beneficial for body and soul, and add immeasurable benefits for holistic health.  Essential oils can contribute to a sense of calm, allowing us to listen to our inner voice of wisdom; when that occurs, balance in all aspects of life is more easily achieved.  In utilizing the combination of the Human Touch massage chair and pleasant scents, stress melts easily away, helping to align the mind/body connection.