Thursday, February 02nd, 2012

By Dr. Hoon C. Kim

Some thoughts on what really is holistic…

If we look at the number of people with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and so on, our country’s level of health is probably not as good as our military power or economy among the world’s developed countries, although our health is not actually terrible.

But to me, the big difference and uniqueness of holistic medicine is that it considers the human mind, emotion, love and compassion,  as much as the diseased body itself.  That is why the big hospitals and factory medical practices that see so many people daily find it hard to offer this kind approach to each one of their patients . Without individualized holistic medicine, the quality of their service may be poor.

My goal as a holistic medical practitioner is how to help people stay healthy inside and out, and if there is any disease, to cure it so it never comes back. We are not alone helping each other. The patient and physician are one team here, healing each other.

We have been seeing the word “holistic”  lately in every business, not only the medical field, but also in restaurants, food, shampoo, even clothes.  It seems that unless you call your product “holistic,” it is partial or incomplete.  The word is overused.

Holistic eyes see things as a whole or an organic system.  Everything affects everything, so there is nothing that exists by itself. In that sense, Traditional Eastern medicine has been holistic from its birth.  It sees the “human energy system” including the mind and body as interactive with that of the universe (tian in Chinese) or nature.

Why are some people, including many allopathic medical doctors, so passionate about holistic care? Because the separated and mechanical approach of modern Western medicine has shown the defects in treating many diseases and errors improving people’s health.

Holistic means that we really care about people’s health and their joy in life.  A holistic massage chair creates a positive effect on the whole body system, giving people the joy of using it and enhancing the joy of daily life!  The Human Touch 7450 Zero Gravity massage chair gives all this to people.  So holistic!

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