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Thursday, April 05th, 2012

by Mindy Green

More than any other time of year, spring brings a sense of personal restoration that is reflected in our environment through the green, lush, prolific power of resurgent plant energy, so full of burgeoning life and boundless possibilities. This initiating energy is welcomed after emerging from the introspection of winter, a time of rest and internal reflection.  We can capture this renewing energy by using the fragrance of nature to bring that potency into our beings through the use of pure plant essential oils, especially those sourced from blooming flowers – the pure representation of spring itself. These scents characterize the epitome of what the spring season embodies – the essence of life and the supreme potential of how we can manifest our own powerful energies and contribute in the world.

Spring Blossoming Blend: 4 neroli; 3 lavender; 2 jasmine; 1 ylang

Blend these 10 drops of essential oils together, add to one ounce of unscented lotion and use on your body with the intention of manifesting your new cycle of hopes and dreams. You can also add this blend to 4 ounces of water in a misting bottle  and spray into the air, renewing the scent of a house closed up against the winter cold; or add to two tablespoons of coconut oil, using half in a bath for the ultimate ritual of spring renaissance.

Better yet, lie in the Human Touch massage chair and let the rhythm of the kneading waves intermingle with the diffused aromas; breathe in the scent, allowing Mother Nature to work her magic and every cell to assimilate the revitalizing energy that floats upon the wind. Together they are sure to help you reach your balanced, abundant and creative best as we enter a new cycle of compelling intentions for a better future. This will surely facilitate the process for us to bloom into our best selves.