Friday, May 04th, 2012

By Julie Chertow
Bodyworker and Essential Oils Educator

Many of us have heard that it’s important to drink a lot of water before and after a massage, but why?

Drinking plenty of water allows the body to stay hydrated and flushes toxins out of the body. As a massage therapist who has seen the effects of massage therapy on my clients throughout the years, I notice that those who drink a full glass of water after their session are able to maintain its positive effects longer.

This is because during a massage our lymphatic system is being manipulated to help release stored toxins. These toxins must go somewhere, so they get filtered through our liver and kidneys. In order to flush these organs, we must drink water to relinquish the toxins.

In addition, my clients who are hydrated before their massage session respond better to body work than those who are not because hydration helps loosen tight muscles. One way to visualize this is to think of a sponge, and the differences between a wet and dry sponge. A wet sponge will be a lot more pliable and easy to move than a dry, stiff sponge. The same is true about the body and muscles.

Drinking water before and after a massage will reduce soreness of the muscles that get moved and manipulated during a session.

So remember to drink lots of water, and cheers to your good health!

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