Friday, May 11th, 2012

By Dr. Stephen Ward
Doctor of Chiropractic

Having a child with a chronic illness puts unimaginable stress on a family. In my clinic, I make it a priority to provide parents with a peaceful and positive waiting room environment. I have a number of Human Touch massage chairs facing monitors that stream positive presentations with powerful affirmations or famous quotes which are geared towards the way people think and increase wellness.

While they wait, they not only enjoy the healing benefits of massage, but they also get words of wisdom to help re-frame their outlook. I’ve noticed that the mothers of my patients are usually the first to sit in the Human Touch massage chairs, allowing for a respite from the exhaustive efforts of caring for a sick child.

In my practice I see many children struck with muscular dystrophy, for instance, so I am able to see firsthand the positive and therapeutic impact these massage chairs have on kids that have difficulty sitting upright.

As far as the parents are concerned, their child’s disease process has a direct impact on the entire family. The mother of one of my Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients was struggling energetically, so I even loaned her one of my chairs for their home to provide additional support.

I personally use the chair almost every day for back pain relief and to unwind and apply the principals that I am utilizing in my clinic for my patients. Being a good doctor is more about providing treatment in the office, it’s also about serving as a model for health and wellbeing.

My practice is a physical one, providing wall adjustments to people of all different sizes, from 50 to 350 pounds. By the time I have completed my busy day I may have seen 35 patients and have done more than 100 wall adjustments. My Human Touch chair provides an immersion wellness experience and relief after hours of stress and strain on my own body. After practicing for 21 years, it makes a big difference in my own life and my ability to care for my patients.

I have also seen the benefits of the Human Touch chairs on seniors. It provides them with a convenient way to relieve stress and pain throughout their bodies, while still being able to do other things as they rejuvenate and get treatment.

The massage chairs are a great supplement to chiropractic care; each enhances the other’s impact. From my experience, those who have purchased a Human Touch massage chair are able to greatly reduce their need for consistent chiropractic care.

The chairs help reduce stress associated with severe muscle imbalance, which often means they are having muscle spasm throughout their body. When muscle stress is reduced, a person’s mobility improves. In the cases of seniors, adults and children, alike, increased mobility plays a key role in their overall quality of life.

People look at massage for rejuvenation and a luxury.  They think, “Wow, I’m going to get a massage, how exciting. “ It’s doing something for themselves that provides relief and enhances well being. It’s not always easy to set aside time in our busy lives for ourselves, but it’s worth a lot. Most people can and should find 15 minutes to treat themselves and feel better. The Human Touch massage chairs enable people to alleviate pain and escape stress, so they can feel better and enjoy more productive lives.

People often strive to achieve unattainable amounts of wealth – only to realize that once your health goes, money doesn’t buy you anything. Incorporating Human Touch into your routine promotes a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit, and maximizes overall health and wellness.

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