The Newest Headlines Surrounding Massage Chairs and Human Touch

Friday, August 24th, 2012

At Human Touch, innovation, products, technologies, and vision do not only come from inside our company but also from a select group of men and women (the Wellness Council).  The Wellness Council consists of doctors, natural healers, notable athletes and wellness practitioners.   These include: Chairman of the Board Edward Charles “Whitey” Ford, Dr. James Rouse, PGA Golfer Tim Clark, Aroma-Herbalist Mindy Green, Runner/Author/Lecturer/ and Coach Jeff Galloway, and eleven more renowned members.

Jaime Tam is a talented artist, ethnic-fusion dancer and a spiritual yoga instructor who is available to showcase her talents at many occasions.

The Wellness Council works alongside with Human Touch to develop new ways to help improve athletic performance, relief from back pain, postural problems, and consumers who want comfortable ergonomic products equally.  Each Wellness Council member shares their input through monthly blogs about Human Touch products, including tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. The Wellness Council does not only share tips on how to incorporate massages in individuals personal lives, they also share their own experiences with Human Touch products and how they’ve improved their own personal lives through their use. Many Wellness Council members have relieved different health problems through the use of Human Touch Products.


To learn more about each individual member of the Wellness Council please visit the World of Human Touch.