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Friday, September 07th, 2012

I hope this blog finds everything well with my fans.

Entering the 2012 season, I was not sure what to expect with my health or my golf.  All I could do was to trust my doctor’s advice and continue to work hard on my fitness and strength.

Next week I will enter the 3rd round of the playoffs in pretty good form.  This summer I had a chance to win two events (Hartford/Greensboro) and was competitive in several other tournaments.  I feel like I am getting stronger each week as I continue to work on my stretching, massage and diet.

This fall I plan to play 4-5 more events, so I hope my good play will continue.  Being forced to take off the 2011 season was a bummer, but I feel re-energized to play a full fall schedule and get ready for 2013.

Hopefully in my next blog I will have some good play to report.  Thanks for your continued support.


Tim Clark  (Wellness Council Member)