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Wednesday, January 09th, 2013

The promise of a new beginning is ripe with possibility. Is it any wonder that most of us hang on to the hope that improvement in some area of our lives can be had? To that end, we strive to begin the New Year with promises of betterment. With the holidays behind us, we dream of a future better than the year we just had, and according to statistics published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, Dec 2012, about 45% of us will endeavor to get healthier, be better organized, save more money, and/or enjoy life to the fullest. The savvy owners of the Human Touch® massage chairs will have already taken advantage of the relaxation offered by these miracle machines, reaping numerous stress-reducing rewards during the holidays.

This year, I want to share with you one of my most effective and relaxing additions to the already-fantastic body work provided by the many stress-busting massage cycles offered by the Human Touch chairs. It adds a new level of relaxation (is that even possible?!) to your experience. This simple practice involves wrapping your feet with warm compresses infused with purifying and clearing essential oils.

Begin by filling a basin with hot water. Add two drops each of frankincense, eucalyptus and rosemary into the water. Soak two hand towels in the water and wring out. Wrap the feet with the wet, warm, fragrant towels and cover with dry towels (just warmed from the dryer adds another luxurious element). Lie back in the massage chair; breathe in the fragrant oils, letting it infuse you from the feet up with the potent intentions of your resolution. These oils will help the subconscious connect with Nature, the true source of power and healing, and with a bit of focus and determination, help you realize your new year’s dreams. Frankincense has an affinity with achieving a meditative state (a good place to be when reprograming the subconscious mind).  Eucalyptus will help clear out outmoded ideas and beliefs, and rosemary will clear the mind for a new state of possibility, awareness and memory of our connection to our own power. This simple practice can improve your odds of fulfilling your resolutions and succeed in increasing the mere 6% of us who actually reach our goals.

Written By: Mindy Green (Human Touch Wellness Council Member). Mindy holds a bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health Sciences and a master’s in Health and Human Services from Columbia Pacific University. From Purdue University she received extensive training in the advanced uses of essential oils.