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Monday, June 02nd, 2014

Whether it is caused by a sports injury, an accident, an illness or just simply overuse, 3 out of 4 adults will suffer from back pain at one point in their life. According to the Mayo Clinic, “back pain is a common complaint” and “it is the most common reason people go to the doctor or miss work.”


Given that back pain is a common issue, we built a chair designed to decompress your spine and elevate your body to a new state of comfort and relaxation.

The Human Touch® PC-086 Serenity Perfect Chair®, is great for those that suffer from back pain as it takes you to zero-gravity while elevating your legs and decreasing pressure off your spine. It allows you to relax and manage your stress. The PC-086 also features far-infrared heat radiated through Jade stones that can be felt up to three inches deep into muscle tissue to soothe your sore, tired muscles and ease pain. Here at Human Touch, we pride ourselves in providing a natural solution for back pain.

Written By: Dr. John Stucky