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Friday, October 05th, 2012

Are you an individual who enjoys taking time out of your day to go on a couple mile run?  Do you also participate in marathons/triathlons? And have you ever dreamed of being a Olympic athlete like Jeff Galloway?

Who is Jeff Galloway, you may ask?

Jeff Galloway is a Renowned Runner, Author, Lecturer, Coach, and Human Touch Wellness Council Member.

Galloway has accomplished much more in his life due to living an active, healthy lifestyle.  He has competed in the 1972 Olympics, and has accomplished many different running records.   When he is not exercising or running, he works to help improve the lives of others around him.  Jeff helped create a heritage program bringing the “Olympic excitement and fitness,” to schools around Atlanta.  Being the author of “Marathon You Can Do It!” along with other books and magazine articles has helped increase his popularity in the running community.  His articles, books, fitness seminars, and training sessions help improve the way others run in marathons and/or in their free time.

On top of working on being an author, coach, member of the Atlanta Committee for the Olympics Games and a motivational speaker, Jeff owns two Phidippides stores in Atlanta. (Phidippides is a store specializing in the best/newest products, and includes professional guidance on what running shoe is the best for each individual).

Jeff loves to incorporate massage into his running routine and regularly uses Human Touch Massage Chairs to both “warm up” before a run, and “cool down” after the run.

“My mission is to help people improve the quality of their lives through physical activity, body care, and eating energizing foods of quality. The right wellness program is one that includes a balance of activities to empower the individual every day.”

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Massage is among my favorite de-stressing tools; another is meditation, and with the Human Touch massage chair available 24 hours a day it is the perfect place to utilize these two healing modalities at the same time and reap the multitude of benefits they both offer. As a massage therapist for many years I would literally ache to be the recipient of my own therapeutic touch.  With the customizable features offered in the massage chair, it is the next best thing. The warming option is especially welcome as the autumn weather turns cool; my achy body appreciates it after a day of gathering the last of the summer bounty of my garden. Another of my favorite features is the unique leg massage which is lacking in inferior massage chairs.


Immersion Seating™ - ZeroG™ 2.0 Immersion Massage Chair

One might think that just feeling good after spending some time in the chair is only anecdotally valuable, but research shows that it is just one benefit in a bevy of healthful currencies that massage has to offer.  Research has identified numerous areas in which massage shows potential health benefits that will certainly continue to be studied through all stages of life from infant to senior care. What studies show is that massage can boost energy, increase circulation, reduce muscle tension and relax the body; add meditation to that mix and your mind and spirit will benefit greatly. The most obvious general benefit of massage is that of reducing stress. According to statistics from the Occupational Health and Safety News and the National Council on Compensation Insurance, stress accounts for $26 Billion in medical and disability payments and $95 Billion in productivity loss.

Spending as little as ten minutes a day (I dare you to retreat from the chair in this short time) relaxing and meditating (simply clear the mind) can offer untold benefits physically and mentally. Over time you may notice reduced tension and irritability, and a boost in general wellbeing.

What the chair lacks in actual human touch it makes up for in tireless service and endless availability.

Written by Human Touch Wellness Council Member: Mindy Green.

Friday, September 07th, 2012

I hope this blog finds everything well with my fans.

Entering the 2012 season, I was not sure what to expect with my health or my golf.  All I could do was to trust my doctor’s advice and continue to work hard on my fitness and strength.

Next week I will enter the 3rd round of the playoffs in pretty good form.  This summer I had a chance to win two events (Hartford/Greensboro) and was competitive in several other tournaments.  I feel like I am getting stronger each week as I continue to work on my stretching, massage and diet.

This fall I plan to play 4-5 more events, so I hope my good play will continue.  Being forced to take off the 2011 season was a bummer, but I feel re-energized to play a full fall schedule and get ready for 2013.

Hopefully in my next blog I will have some good play to report.  Thanks for your continued support.


Tim Clark  (Wellness Council Member)



Friday, August 24th, 2012

At Human Touch, innovation, products, technologies, and vision do not only come from inside our company but also from a select group of men and women (the Wellness Council).  The Wellness Council consists of doctors, natural healers, notable athletes and wellness practitioners.   These include: Chairman of the Board Edward Charles “Whitey” Ford, Dr. James Rouse, PGA Golfer Tim Clark, Aroma-Herbalist Mindy Green, Runner/Author/Lecturer/ and Coach Jeff Galloway, and eleven more renowned members.

Jaime Tam is a talented artist, ethnic-fusion dancer and a spiritual yoga instructor who is available to showcase her talents at many occasions.

The Wellness Council works alongside with Human Touch to develop new ways to help improve athletic performance, relief from back pain, postural problems, and consumers who want comfortable ergonomic products equally.  Each Wellness Council member shares their input through monthly blogs about Human Touch products, including tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle. The Wellness Council does not only share tips on how to incorporate massages in individuals personal lives, they also share their own experiences with Human Touch products and how they’ve improved their own personal lives through their use. Many Wellness Council members have relieved different health problems through the use of Human Touch Products.


To learn more about each individual member of the Wellness Council please visit the World of Human Touch.

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Everyday around the world people are constantly experiencing aches, pains, and stress from work and all kinds of different activities.  These people are usually so busy in their lives; they don’t have time to   visit a massage therapist or visit a chiropractor.  However, over the last 35 years Human Touch LLC, has worked hard to make sure their clients/customers can “feel better,” in the comfort of their own homes.  One of the many things that make Human Touch LLC innovative and unique is the development and specifications of their massage products.  Each chair almost acts as if it were a massage specialist with a mind of its own.

Human Touch Perfect Chair at Brookstone

Perfect Chair Zero-Gravity Recliner

At Human Touch LLC, our company continues to search, discover, and create the newest product to quickly eliminate the aches, pains, and stress are body endure, so you can live a happy, healthy, stress-free lifestyle.

Human Touch LLC continues to imagine and research new systems to incorporate into the massage/wellness industry.  In the last 30 years, millions of dollars have been spent developing new technological products, similar to the techniques many real life massage professionals use on personal clients.   Human Touch LLC also brings many different inspirations from the outside world to incorporate into their technologies and innovations.

For instance the inspiration of The Perfect Chair’s Zero Gravity comfort came directly from NASA.  While the use of jades stones on the Far East side of the World, have now been incorporated into the Perfect Chair Serenity.