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Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Meditation can sometimes be misunderstood by people who feel that it seems inactive or boring. Other people are so used to the daily buzz that they don’t think it’s possible for them to sit silently for a period of time. Others still feel like they’re just TOO busy to meditate, even for a few minutes.

However, there are a multitude of ways to meditate, with options that can fit just about any lifestyle. Here are a few forms of meditation for practitioners of any concentration level, schedule, and interest in meditative spirituality.

Loving-Kindness Meditation

This is the simple practice of directing well-wishes toward other people. To practice, sit comfortably with your eyes closed, and imagine what you want for your life. Start by directing phrases at yourself, such as “I wish to feel more peace.” After this, you extend well-wishes toward other people, and determine what positive hopes you have for them. These visualizations go beyond just friends or even people you feel neutral about, and reach out to people whom you don’t generally care for, in order to spread happiness to your surrounding world. This type of meditation has been shown to increase positivity, empathy, and kindness.

Best for: Those struggling with low self-esteem; those looking to become more empathetic to people around them.

Moving Meditation

There are several forms of moving meditation that can help people who like to multitask, or those who struggle sit still. Exercises such as Yoga or Tai Chi encourage people to move their bodies at a deliberate pace, all while focusing their attention inward in order to really connect their minds and bodies as one. Even walking can be a means of meditation if you simply focus your attention on your mind and body. During any form of moving meditation, it’s important to keep the body in continual motion, in order to maintain the mind-body connection.

Best for: Busy people; athletes.

Chakra Meditations

This style of meditation is centered on the idea that we are made of seven different “energy centers,” each of which is located in a different part of the body. These energy centers, or chakras, are associated with a different color, sound and purpose. Mediation involving one’s chakras often uses sound, touch, and visualization to hone in on a specific area of the body, and heal any issues or heavy emotions that dwell there. Many people who practice yoga believe in chakra meditation, and use it as a supplement to their yoga practice.

Best for: Spiritual individuals; yoga practitioners.

Vipassana Meditation

Also called “Insight Meditation,” Vipassana Insight Meditation is the practice of paying close attention to sensation. It emphasizes awareness of breath, and teaches you to focus your attention on the thoughts that arise while you breathe in and out through the nose. No matter your thoughts, it asks you to allow them to flow through you without taking them too seriously, and then gently return your awareness back to your breath. This is the most common type of meditation that is offered at silent meditation retreats.

Best for: Beginners; those looking to attend a silent retreat.

Open Monitoring Meditation

Experienced practitioners see this as an actual purpose to meditation, and not a form of meditation itself. Open Monitoring Meditation encourages turning their focus on their awareness itself, rather than focus on one’s breath or their thoughts. One way to accomplish this might be to sit or lay down, and simply listen to the goings-on in the world around you. You might notice the weight of your body as it distributes onto your chair or the ground, or you can listen to the sounds outside of your window that were only background noise until now. Your state of awareness is heightened as you really start to pay attention to each passing car, gust of wind, or cool breeze. This type of meditation really enhances your connection to the world around you, and helps to calm your mind as you own racing thoughts become more still.

Best for: Busy thinkers; those who struggle to sit still.


Tuesday, July 05th, 2016

You work hard. You understand how important it is to revitalize physically and mentally to perform at your peak and be your best. Super charge your daily ritual with a Human Touch® Ascent Series massage chair and gain your high performance edge.

The Novo massage chair offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • 30 Auto-Wellness Programs, including full-body immersion, rocking motion, and an effective collection of therapeutic relaxation and recovery programs.
  • Zero-Gravity Massage. Enable zero-gravity auto rocking with just the touch of a button, and you’ll automatically be moved to an optimized neutral posture position, then gently rocked in synchronicity with the auto-programs for a more soothing and refreshing.
  • Unibody Track. The striking design of the Novo is more than just style. The unibody track covers up to 60% more of the back than conventional chairs, extending high performance coverage from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your thighs.
  • Extending Foot-and-Calf Massage. With under-foot rollers for optimized reflexology and adjustable intensity for calves and feet, the extendable leg rest automatically adjusts to your height.
  • Cloud Touch Acupressure. Strategically placed targeted aircells apply to pressure to key healing points and manipulate your body to stretch muscles.
  • Lumbar Heat. Using Human Touch Air Technology®, heat flows continually to target the lumbar area, gently soothing tight muscles and relieving pain.
  • Bluetooth Speakers. Enhance the relaxation of your massage with the sounds of your favorite music, using the built-in Bluetooth speakers on the Novo.

Take a look at this video for an introduction to the Novo Ascent Series massage chair.

For more information on the Novo massage chair, click here.

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016


We’re pleased to share this post from Peyton White, who is conducting a research study on the effects that his Human Touch massage chair has on his Autism. This original post can be found on his blog here.

Being Autistic sometimes I have trouble sleeping, and that isn’t good. The Reason why sleeping is important is because it helps you be healthier and increase your brain function to positively think and learn. It also helps prevent heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. When having little sleep, people feel less positive and can have a rough day at school or work. Having 2 or 3 hours of sleep is never a good thing to do at night, especially when you have to focus. When having too much sleep, it can also increase the risk of having heart disease, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure. Having proper sleep actually helps people do well in sports, quizzes, math and music and more. A short period of sleeping is called a nap, many people take something called a “power nap” during the day. Naps also help people become healthy and increase their brain function. The difference between sleep and nap are that sleep is for nighttime and people usually spend 8-11 hours of sleeping and nap is usually for daytime and people spend at least 30-90 minutes of napping.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because sleep is very important for me, so I can focus better. When I focus, I learn better and have fewer meltdowns. Every day and night, I sit in my massage chair to help me calm down, it helps me have good sleep at night and do well on my schoolwork. I did very well on my final quizzes after I sat in my massage chair and studied my notes before I took my final tests. When I relax I make better eye contact, speak well and become more aware, as well as get a good night’s sleep. Before I go to bed, I watch something on TV in the media room and sit in my massage chair to relax. I turn on the programs and sometimes have the lights off a bit, turn on the massage chair and relax. This helps me get ready for bed and allows me to sleep sound. I love having this massage chair as it is helping me in so many ways.


Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Human Touch introduces Omni-Motion Classic, Omni-Motion Silhouette, and Classic Manual Plus Perfect Chair Models to Help You Find the Perfect Fit

Long Beach, CA– June 22, 2016 Human Touch, the U.S. market leader of innovative massage chairs, Perfect Chair Recliners, and other wellness solutions, has introduced three new models to their zero-gravity Perfect Chair Recliner series. The new Omni-Motion Classic (PC-610), Omni-Motion Silhouette (PC-600), and Classic Manual Plus (PC-420) each include several new upholstery options and performance features to provide an even more perfect seating and wellness experience.

Inspired by NASA, the Perfect Chair places the body into a doctor-recommended, neutral-gravity position—with the feet above the heart—to alleviate pain and stress from the neck and vertebrae, which is caused by earth’s gravitational pull on the body. This provides improved relaxation, reduced stress and better sleep quality, among other important benefits.

According to David Marcarian, President of Precision Biometrics and NASA-trained Ergonomics Expert, “As the Perfect Chair reclines, the muscles instantaneously start relaxing. When the chair reaches neutral posture there is a huge reduction in the state of muscle irritation, establishing objectively that the Perfect Chair promotes spinal health.”

Perfect Chair Omni-Motion Classic (PC-610)

Every Perfect Chair blends contemporary architecture with old-world craftsmanship, giving it a bold yet classic look. Each base is crafted from hand-carved and hand-finished solid wood, made from the Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber tree), which yields one of the strongest woods on earth. The premium leather upholstery is sourced from a select 5% of the world’s most high-quality, uncorrected cowhide. The high-tensile strength steel glide rails are also sandblasted, cleaned, and powder-coated with a protective surface for long-term durability and a smooth, quiet glide in order to offer the highest possible level of quality.


Upgraded Design with Manual Recline

The Perfect Chair Classic Manual Plus (PC-420) offers precision-engineered design with a manual recline option that’s as easy as leaning back in the chair. Additional key upgrades offered in this new Perfect Chair model include:

  • Extended Armrests: The wide and long armrests give constant support even as the chair reclines into zero-gravity.
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support: The adjustable lumbar system is equipped with a release valve, allowing for individual seating comfort.
  • Fully Customizable: Choose from premium, top-grain, and SōfHyde leathers, and a variety of solid wood-based finishes. Additional upgrades of Memory Foam PLUS and Jade Heat offer enhanced comfort and health benefits, and the many accessory options allow the chair to customize to the user’s preference.


PC-610 in Zero-Gravity Position

Revolutionary Omni-Motion Versatility

The new Perfect Chair Omni-Motion Classic (PC-610) offers independent leg and back adjustability with an electric recline, now giving you the power to easily and independently position your recline angle and leg elevation. The Omni-Motion Silhouette (PC-600) also offers this innovative feature, but in a slim, tapered design that is the perfect choice for those smaller in stature.

The new Omni-Motion PC-600 and PC-610 models include each of the design upgrades of the PC-420, along with these additional features:

  • Independent Leg and Back Adjustability: A revolution in zero-gravity seating, the Omni-Motion Classic and Omni-Motion Silhouette provide dual-motor power to independently position the recline angle and leg elevation.
  • 5-way Controller: The intuitive 5-way omni-control Perfect Chair offers infinite comfort positions with a simple press and hold for zero-gravity.


Customizable Options for the Perfect Fit

Available in a variety of upholstery colors

For more information on Human Touch Perfect Chair recliners, visit There, you’ll discover how the Perfect Chair is created using a hand-carved wood base and premium leather upholstery, and you can customize your own Perfect Chair using the following expanded list of color choices:

  • Premium Leather Options: Espresso, Cognac, Black, Burgundy, Sycamore, and Ivory
  • Top-Grain Leather Options: Espresso, Sand, Black, and Red
  • SōfHyde Option: Black
  • Wood Base Finish Options: Chestnut, Dark Walnut, and Walnut

Perfect Chair Classic Manual Plus PC-420 recliners start at a retail price of $2,799 for SōfHyde upholstery. Perfect Chair Omni-Motion Classic PC-610 and Perfect Chair Omni-Motion Silhouette start at $3,299.

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Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

We recently took our new Human Touch Novo Ascent Series massage chairs to a product launch event in Santa Monica, California. There, we invited people to test out the massage chair, and asked them what they thought. Here’s what they said:

For more information on the Novo massage chair, click here.